Submit your Music

If you are an amazing singer, composer and/or producer of Choir, Chant or Ambient Choir Music, we’d love to support you in bringing your work to the world. Please only get in touch, if your existing or future exclusive music meets the following criteria:

  • Your work fits the atmosphere and quality of our channels

  • You own 100% of the rights to your composition and to the audio (Master)

  • You didn’t grant any 3rd party the right to license or administer your music

  • You are not collecting any royalties yet

  • Your music was either not yet distributed to stores and streaming platforms outside of YouTube, or you are willing to transfer it to Audio Sanctum

  • You are able to deliver the final recordings and mixes of your compositions yourself

If your music suits our catalogue, we’ll get back to you soon with further details. We ask for your understanding that we can’t send a response if your submission doesn’t match our requirements.