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Chant of the Mystics, Vol. 1
by Patrick Lenk

Patrick Lenk’s famous interpretations of the 1500 year old Western European Gregorian Chant tradition. While traditionally sung in unison and at a very high pitch, these re-interpreted versions bring a more full and balanced experience. Combining it with the old chant style of early ancient Rome, their use of bass tones (similar to the eastern orthodox tradition), orthodox and templar singing elements as well as modern musical accompaniment, lends to the moving essence of these chants unfolding deeply for the listener. Patrick Lenk expressed the inner mystical nature of these prayers through his unique sound and style of singing.

The exclusive CD Version is designed with a beautiful mystical artwork as well as unpublished photos and also includes a 16-page lyrics booklet with the latin texts translated from Latin to English. Total Playtime: 1 Hour 16 Minutes.

Release Date: 12 December 2022 / UPC: 197509413766 / Genre: Gregorian Chant and Chant / Singing: Patrick Lenk / Composition: Traditional / Lyrics: Traditional / Arrangement: Patrick Lenk / Spirituality: Christian, Catholic, and Templar / Mood: Calm, Deep, Longing, Meditative, Melancholic, Mystical, Powerful, Prayerful, Sacred, Comforting, Serious, and Sad / Mixing: Patrick Lenk / Mastering: Dan Victory / Playtime: 1 Hour 16 Minutes / Design: Lukas List and Patrick Lenk / Photography: Trinity Barr / Language: Latin, English, and Greek / Label: Audio Sanctum