Audio Sanctum Free Use Terms

We believe in the power of community and that everybody should have access to deep life-changing music. Music use has changed over the years and free access to music is what people love, engage and connect to each other with. At the same time, all of our music is original work, owned and copyrighted by Audio Sanctum. It is protected and monitored by our legal team and music network. That being said, we allow the use of our music for free in videos and livestreams according to the following terms:

You CAN  use our music for FREE (important: as of now, only applicable to music in this playlist) as background music to your content on:

✅ YouTube (videos and livestreams)
✅ Twitch (use “Soundtrack by Twitch”)
✅ Facebook
✅ TikTok
✅ Instagram
✅ Snapchat

There only will be no copyright claims on your content though, if you follow the terms below.


✴️ credit our music in each video in which you use it by copying and displaying the complete credit text from the box below
✴️ add the artist name, music title and the link to the original Audio Sanctum YouTube video in the credit text

Add this Credit text to your description 

(on YouTube, Livestreams & Social Media)
Read Terms first and find credit text here →

Music: [Paste Artist + Tracktitle]
Provided by Audio Sanctum
Watch: [Paste link to Audio Sanctum YT video]

You CANNOT (unless you get in touch beforehand and aquire a license)

❌ use our music in content where the primary focus is only on the music (single music videos, music only meditation videos, music only compilations, music only livestreams etc.)
❌ use our music outside of social media, YT or livestreams (e.g. apps, commercials, games, movies, trailers, public places, DVDs, TV broadcast etc.)
❌ change the credit text (besides adding the artist name, music title and link to our YT channel)
❌ re-upload the original video anywhere
❌ re-upload the music under creative commons
❌ create new music from our music (sampling, remixing, changing pitch, changing speed, beats etc.)
❌ upload our music full or in part to any content ID or music rights administration
❌ upload our music to free music archives or any download page
❌ claim any sort of ownership

© Our music is actively protected and only free to use according to our terms. Acting against these terms will lead to legal action and striking of your content.