Audio Sanctum is an independent music label which brings Sacred Ambient Music from talented composers and singers to the world. At Audio Sanctum, our number one goal is to create art of the highest quality, which benefits all of humanity.

We are a team of composers, musicians, music industry administrators, audio engineers and legal professionals, united in the goal of bringing choir and chant ambient music to the world. You can find more about us here.

Our music can be used for free on social media, YouTube and in livestreams when credited properly. Visit our Use For Free Terms to learn more. For other usecases you must aquire a license.

The artworks are originals and created by our team, fully copyrighted and can’t be found anywhere right now. We are working on making them accessible for you soon! We will inform you about it if you follow us on YouTube or signed up for our newsletter.

Please get in touch using the contact formular to talk about licensing.

If your work meets our criteria, absolutely. Please go to the Submit Music area to find out more.

Our team comes from all ways of life, spiritualities and different backgrounds. What unites us is the wish to uphold a universal feeling of the spiritual dimension of humanity and the ideals as well as the inner feeling connected with it through a special form of music and art, in a time where individuality and soul awareness is being attacked so frequently and in danger of being lost in the rapid progress of illusory worlds, digitalization, automated technologies and the rise of AI. Our music and content speaks a universal language and is meant for and including everybody.

Usually you will find the lyrics in the descriptions of our music. If you can’t find lyrics attached to a track, there most likely were no specific words used in the song and it is syllable-based.

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