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Audio Sanctum is an upstart independent music label which brings choir and chant music from talented composers and singers to millions of people around the world. At Audio Sanctum, our number one goal is to create art of the highest quality, which benefits the listeners, composers and team members as well as our whole planet and humanity. Learn more about who is working behind the scenes to bring our well-known music and artwork to the world.

Patrick Lenk

FOUNDER & Composer

Patrick founded Audio Sanctum in 2022, after his vision for the label had been in development for quite some time, and manifested after several years of work and transformation. As the musical advisor and CEO, he makes the main business and creative decisions concerning the direction of the label, guiding its strategy, vision, administration & operations, as well as the work of the artists.

Besides his administrative tasks at Audio Sanctum, Patrick is a successful singer and composer who creates modern redefined interpretations of traditional chant and sacred choir arrangements alongside big orchestral & instrumental mood music. He composes his unique style of music to guide, touch and nourish the souls and spirits of people, connecting them with the Divine within, and forming a sacred atmosphere to initiate deeply felt positive spiritual effects. Additionally, Patrick produced music for films, games, tourist attractions and various streaming apps – always with the goal to move the souls of the millions of listeners. His work has already helped countless people to get in touch with the subtle and transformative inner realms of life, shown by feedback from thousands, with stories of many lives which have been changed and enriched due to the impact of his art.


Development manager

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Every idea needs to go through several phases of manifestation to finally become a reality in this world. It goes from having a clear vision to developing a strategy that will help to make things happen. This complex process is being taken care of by our strategic developer Trinity, who manages the many needed puzzle pieces of imagining, creating, deciding and maintaining the strategic vision of Audio Sanctum.

Trinity has the important role of making sure that the label’s actitivies and decisions are always aligned with its main purpose. Therefore, she makes important decisions for the label regarding its mission and vision, while making sure its long-term goals are always considered and met. Also, the development and unfoldment of the label to its meant potential is part of Trinity’s work. Because of that, she takes part in every aspect of Audio Sanctum, helps with all administrative tasks, is in charge of the English speaking online communication as well as artist & repertoire matters, and uses her artistic talents and photography skills in creating artworks and imagery for the label.

Simon Daum


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From a young age Simon had a strong interest in creating music that was both loved and revered by family and friends. In time, he immersed himself in piano music and became friends with American pianist and composer, Jon Schmidt. His influence had a strong impact on Simon to pursue his dreams and as his interest grew into a passion, he started to orchestrate and write his own solo piano music.

At age 32, Simon was struck with a severe illness due to an environmental toxification that caused him to stop writing music for long periods of time. This experience helped him to realize the power that music has to offer, even in the most challenging times. This led him to develop his own unique style of music. His greatest desire is to give the gift of comfort and peace to others through his music by way of hopeful, comforting, and reflective positivity which he now expresses through his unique and deeply moving choral music on Audio Sanctum.

Daniel Victory


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Dan is Audio Sanctum’s mixing and mastering engineer, who takes care of the final quality of our products and makes sure they meet the standards of modern digital music production. Dan taught at the well known School of Audio Engineering and works for several streaming services with millions of listeners worldwide, where he is responsible for the final touch to the published audio materials. In his free time, he also composes ambient music for games.

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